What To Do If A Car Accident Is My Fault? Do I have options?

Anything can happen at any time. We have all accidents by mistake that we had no intention of causing. This can happen with car accidents as well. The only difference is between spilling a cup of water and a traffic accident is a traffic accident can be a lot more detrimental. Fortunately this is why by las we must all carry insurance in the date of florida so just Incase if anything we can take care of our vehicle repair, loss wages and medical treatments.

Really most of our clients main concern after an accident is not their health but the health of the vehicle. Vehicle repair is mostly hat our clients want and they want it fast. This is why CallRam has teamed up with bodyshops to get your vehicle into repairs immediately. Let’s say you are at fault and you have a deductible you have to pay ? That’s is what stops most individuals from fixing their vehicle after a car accident. We CallRam can help you cover the deductible and depending on the hit we Can possibly waive the whole deductible.

We have also partnered up with rental companies so while your vehicle is in the shop being repaired you can still move around. Vehicles can take From a couple days to weeks to come in, depending on the parts the vehicle needs, how long they take to arrive and the time of labor. This is why we will help you with a rental so while your car is getting fixed it does now mean you will be stagnated with your daily life.

From pain/medical attention to loss wages, body shops and car rentals CallRam can help you out all the way.

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