Getting Vehicles Fixed After A Car Accident – How Ram Marketing Can Help

Almost every individuals main concern after a car accident is getting their vehicle fixed unless anybody involved in the accident was severely injured. This is why you must immediately after a car accident, make sure you call your insurance carrier and inform them of te situation. Most people do not do to fear their rates will go up. Instead they will let you know what is the best option that you have.

When you are not responsible for a car accident you have two options for vehicle repair. You can wait for the At-Fault insurance to send out the adjuster and pay for your damages or you can go through your own insurance and then your insurance will go after the At-Fault insurance for reimbursement. Most individuals will pick the first choice due to lack of knowledge and fear their policy will go up. After years of experience if the insurance that hit you is not a good insurance carrier go with the second choice. Take matters into your own hands and fix your vehicle right away and let your company deal with the reimbursement this is why we pay insurance for.

Call Ram Can also help out if you’re at fault. Let’s say you have to pay a deductible which most people do, we work with specialized body shops to help you cover at least $500 of the deductible. If the accident is big enough we can waive a $1000 dollars off. Which should be the whole deductible. Our main concern is to assist anybody after an accident. Whether at-fault or not at fault from vehicle repair, to loss wages to medical treatments. We can help Call Ram now!



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Whether you were a victim of a car accident or a slip and fall, RAM Marketing can help guide you to getting the proper care, compensation and benefits that you are entitled to. We will negotiate non stop for you to ensure you get the highest compensation as quickly as possible. Contact us today

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