Traffic Accidents in Florida

Traffic accidents in Florida can occur at any moment. In just 2016 alone there were almost 400,000 traffic accidents in the state alone. 395,785 accidents per day to be exact an average of 1000 per day. That’s a lot of accidents making Florida one of the most hazardous states to drive in. Buckle up folks […]

How Is My Insurance Rate Determined?

Most people would think your car insurance rate depends on what your driving record. They have the assumption that if you have a good driving record then your rates should be low, if it’s bad then it will be costly. However insurers determine by your credit score, a special credit score they don’t tell you […]

No Fault Insurance Policies – PIP

Florida is considered a no Fault state, meaning every licensed driver must carry a minimum PIP policy insurance which stands for “personal injury Protection”. This policy was put into place so that whether a driver is at fault or not at fault they can cover they’re own medical expenses. The good thing about a no […]



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