Ram Marketing is your #1 Legal and Medical Referral Service in South Florida.

Ram Marketing was founded in 2015 as an attorney/medical referral agency based out of South Florida. Ram Marketing’s goal is to fill a void in the market for honest, knowledgeable referral agencies that are in the business to strictly educate Florida residence on their options in the unfortunate event they are involved in a traffic accident. Many individuals that reach out to us, are surprised at the level of compassion our agents express in their troubling times. A free no commitment, no pressure consultation can allow us to hear your unique situation and try to answer your questions to the best of our abilities.  Any legal and medical questions are then refereed to attorneys and medical practitioners for further evaluation. Ram Marketing’s incredible reputation has allowed them to group up with the most aggressive and knowledgeable attorneys  in all of South Florida. Ram-Marketing can  also pair you up with its experienced medical experts to make sure  all your pain and suffering is attended and properly treated. Ram Marketing has cemented itself in Florida with its expert level marketing tactics that not only include word of mouth & direct face to face marketing, but a dominating force across all social medial platforms. The #CALLRAM team is the standard for many other referral company imitators.

What can Ram Marketing do for you?

Ram Marketing understands that there are good Attorneys and there are great attorneys, so with the help of social media,word of mouth reviews and testimonials they have partnered up with Attorneys that share the same aggressive strive and hungry to fight your cases. Attorneys are suppose to fight for your rights and help you seek the maximum legal compensation for your unique circumstance.  These circumstances are based on the type and seriousness of your injury, vehicle repair and any loss wages that may have occurred on your end. Medical Providers will not only make sure your injuries are properly attended and treated, they will properly educate clients to prevent further injury reduce the likely hood of chronic pain. Doctors understand the physical and mental toll an accident can cause an individual and are trained to assist you in your time of need.

Can Ram Marketing help me outside of the South Florida area?

Although Ram Marketing has grown to call Miami its home, Ram can work all throughout Florida. We have helped individuals from Miami-Dade, Broward, West Palm Beach, Florida Keys and even Orlando. Other Cities we work in include but not limited too, Hialeah, Pompano, Hialeah Gardens, Doral, Medley, Brickell, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Wynwood, Midtown, Biscayne, Miami Beach and many more!

Does Ram Marketing only assist with traffic accidents?

Ram Marketing specializes in all types of accidents not just vehicular related ones. Our team has access to many agents, lawyers and doctors that have focus on specific accidents. For instance, you won’t go to an optometrist to have your teeth check, now would you? Our goal here is to listen to your concerns, and provide you with as much information and professional contacts as possible. That way you are far better equipped with who you should contact and what you should do. We are not a law firm  and do not provide legal or medical advise, what we do is try to help in the best of our abilities, so you can seek help if that is what you choose to do. We have successfully helped individuals find assistance involved in many situations like motorcycle accidents, workers compensation and even slip and falls.

I wasn’t involved in an Accident but I know someone who was, can you help them?

If you know someone who has had been involved in traffic accident Ram Marketing can help. What is also unique about Ram Marketing is that we value word of mouth so much, we are willing to pay for it. If you refer anyone to Ram Marketing we will pay you a referral/finders fee.  We value helping individuals in need so much we are willing to pay you for allowing us the honor of helping. Reach out to us at  1(800)774-1Ram (1726) and we will take your information down and reach out to the friend or family in need for you. (With their consent of course!) Contact us for more information about our finders fee program and how you can become involved with the award winning #CALLRAM team today.

I own/work for a company in South Florida, is there any way I can get involved?

There sure is! Not only does Ram Marketing support local small businesses all throughout South Florida, we are always looking for new partners to work with. So if you or someone you know owns or works at a SFL business, reach out to us today. Ram Marketing has amassed thousands of followers/supporters and clients throughout the years and we have leveraged this to work with many companies that have seen immense success.



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Whether you were a victim of a car accident or a slip and fall, RAM Marketing can help guide you to getting the proper care, compensation and benefits that you are entitled to. We will negotiate non stop for you to ensure you get the highest compensation as quickly as possible. Contact us today

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